Electrical Standown

’Energy bills to rise by £693 for 22 million people in April 2022’ (Reported by Which? - 3rd Feb 22)

A pretty daunting statement! Below are Payless Powers’ top ten household items that use the most electricity in our homes and suggestions on how you could reduce your bills…..

1)Heating- Keep your Thermostat as low as is comfortably possible. According to the Energy Savings Trust, adjusting by just 1 degree can affect your bill by 10%.
2)Cooling- It’s hard to resist when the weather is so hot but avoid using air conditioning equipment unless absolutely necessary. Open doors and windows, to let heat escape.
3)Water Heater- Check the temperature of your water heater, the preset is 140 degrees but you could drop this by 20 degrees, a level just as effective but does not consume as much energy.
4)Washer/Dryer- Rely on the cold water function instead of the warm to reduce the workload of your heater. And why not dry your clothes on a washing line!
5) Lights- Switch to energy efficient bulbs (but only when the old ones expire). Make sure all lights you are not using are turned off.
6) Refrigerator- When it’s time to buy a new one keep an eye out for an Energy Star certification. Energy Star is a voluntary program of the Environmental Protection Agency and it certifies devices that save people money while protecting the environment as well.
7) Electric Oven-Where possible use cheaper options like Microwaves, Toasters or Slow Cookers. Slow Cookers use barely any electricity and you can save money on shopping too by buying cheaper cuts of meat!
8) Dishwashers- Only use on a full load.
9) Computers- Invest in a Laptop, they use less energy. 10) TV- Turn off at the plug to avoid Standby costs. And why not make one night a week a family games or book reading night and not use the TV at all! 

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