On this page, you will find personal experiences from our Congregation. Stories of how Jesus has healed us and set us free…

Roy's Story

My name is Roy, I have 3 beautiful children of varying ages. As a professional I have worked as a Charted Instrument and Controls Engineer or similar roles, travelling around the world supporting critical Operating Assets for various multinational gas and oil companies.

I started my career at 16 completing a 5-year Engineering Apprenticeship, followed by 4 years at University as I found that I wanted to learn more about ‘how things work’ and ‘how to fix things to make them better’.  

My family and I moved to High Halstow in August 2014. Moving to the Village was the start of my journey. I remember even on the first day , meeting many kind people, including my new neighbours. After a few months of being here I soon felt impelled to be part of the community, to get involved and to help those with greater needs. But wasn’t sure where and how to start…

That same year was also a big challenge; as my Mother was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, then two months passed to find that my Father had Lung cancer. At this point my life was rocked, like a roller coaster detaching from its rails. However, I felt empowered to take my pain and use it to love more openly, instead of withdrawing (this I believe was the Holly spirit). Emotional pain is inevitable, it comes fully attached to our humanity. We can’t completely avoid it, but we can decide what we do with it. 

After 4 years of seeing my mum battle with Cancer, showing me the real meaning of life and being so strong, she sadly passed away. My family were devastated but somehow, I was guided to the Church and I found myself surrounded by God’s people at times when I needed it the most.

In parallel to this my then Fiancée and I decided to get married and commit our relationship, but we wanted to be blessed by God. Both of us having earlier relationships (myself being divorced), one thing in common was that something is missing. Not really understanding what that meant, being naïve to the true meaning of entering into a commitment with God, we assumed that by getting married in a Church would bring us this blessing.

 We decided to pursue the option of getting married at High Halstow at St Margaret’s Church, and met with Rev. Stephen Gwilt. I was nervous as I felt that being previously married, Stephen may frown against the idea, however he was very supportive and gave up his time, in engaging with us the true meaning of God’s blessing. As part of our Bible Studies, we soon learnt that marriage is more than a blessing from God, but it is a gift from God.

I see my commitment to God as a journey, an Apprenticeship, like my earlier Engineering studies. Understanding God’s word and then practically applying them into my everyday life. As I wind through the various paths learning of his words, Jesus as my mentor, allowing my heart to be filled with the Holly Spirit to enable me to help those lost. I believe as Christians we must show our love to the lost by our actions.

As Mark said (MARK 12:30) ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength’.  

Louise's Story

I wasn’t on top of things, I was under a great deal of stress at work and bringing work home. I was exhausted both mentally and physically. My body was giving me all the signs but I was ignoring them. So my body did what it had to do to get my attention. I physically collapsed at work. From this moment on, I had to accept that I was experiencing a Burnout (as professional people like to call it) or in layman terms a ‘mental breakdown’. 

At the time I was angry and resentful to the people at work who had caused this, but now I look back with a thankful heart because this whole experience brought me to God. You see, ‘the Sermon on the Mount produces despair’ says Osmond Chambers, but he saw this as a good thing because at the point of despair we are willing to come to Jesus and receive him. And at this point of my life, so was I.

I have lived a majority of my life without Jesus. I always knew something was missing, I didn’t know what it was, but I could feel it, like a black hole in my heart. I am delighted to say that, that feeling has gone now. The blackness I felt inside has been replaced with peace, love and light – I believe this the Holy Spirit!.

I have never been happier or more content with my life and I want everyone to have this (as does God). Jesus was clear when he told his disciples to ‘bring others to God, and to spread the word’. I strive to fulfil his wishes, there is nothing more important.

Jesus died for us, and gave us the most amazing gift (one that no others will ever be able to compete with) – Eternal life for all those who believe and trust in him! 

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