What We Believe

The parish is part of the Church of England and is in the Diocese of Rochester.

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that it contains everything we need to know about God and about our eternal salvation. We accept the teachings of the prayer book, the 39 articles and the historic universal Creeds as binding upon us and a helpful summary of Biblical teaching. We believe that apart from a living relationship with Jesus there is no hope of everlasting salvation.

We also believe that Jesus’ death on the cross was a unique, a never to be repeated event through which he obtained forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal joy and through the work of the Holy Spirit we receive that gift through faith by the grace of God the Father.

We believe that every individual has been created by God and is unique and so is precious to him and to us, they are worthy of respect and to be treated with dignity and grace

As a Church we believe that through the work of the Holy Spirit every Christian has unique gifts and a unique calling to serve God. Everyone is encouraged to use those gifts both inside and outside the church in fulfilment of that calling.   

St Margaret's Church Address

St Margarets Church, Cooling Rd, High Halstow
Rochester ME3 8SA